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Review For Merit

When you are not sure if your case has a good shot at success, engage us for a review of case merit.

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When you need to have substantial documentation and a true understanding of case facts, we step in to provide a written or verbal report of the pertinent facts.

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Personal Injury

If you have a case that involves personal injury, our experience can vault your case ahead with expert analysis and research. We have had tremendous success in this category.

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Credentials:  When it’s time to select an Expert Legal Nurse Consultant to join your team, make sure you consider Lohmeier Consulting.  We have the experience, attention to detail and vast knowledge base to help you find the key case factors you need to win.

Lohmeier Consulting has been actively assisting personal injury attorneys in Michigan for the past 9 years. Lohmeier Consulting is based in Michigan, but has worked on cases in several other states as well. Stacey Lohmeier has 28 years of nursing experience in a variety of areas including adult medicine, pediatrics and radiology. Having an experienced legal nurse consultant is important and we understand that!

Lohmeier Consulting offers a variety of services including: Case screenings and reviews, Verbal and written reports, Chronologies, Research, and Expert Location.  We can also attend Independent Medical Exams (IME).  Lohmeier Consulting carefully reviews each case for breaches in the standards of care.

Lohmeier Consulting is aware of your time and money needs. We are willing to work within your budget and time frame to provide you with a professional, cost-effective work product. Lohmeier Consulting has a great amount of repeat business due to the satisfaction of our clients.

Lohmeier Consulting has assisted with cases that have been awarded multi-million dollar settlements. Newer legal nurse consultants may not have that experience, and may hinder your case, more than help it.

Stacey Lohmeier is the President and CEO of Lohmeier Consulting. She is licensed in Michigan and has been active for 28 years. The last 9 years have been as Clinical Faculty at the University of Detroit/Mercy. Stacey Lohmeier is also a member of the Academy of Medical/Surgical Nurses.  She plans to take the Medical/Surgical certification exam in 2018.She has a certificate in Forensic Nursing, and has interned at the Oakland County Medical Examiners office in Michigan.

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